Depression – a disease of our time?
Anxiety and Stress – something we have to live with?

There is a way out
Out Of The Blue
A three day experiential Workshop
using a proven methodology that has helped over a million around the world.
Coming Soon to South Florida!!

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AROUND 350 MILLION PEOPLE worldwide (source: World Health Organization) suffer with depression, emotional shutdown or suppression. We often learn at an early age to keep our emotions in check, under wraps, hidden, that it is easier to keep feelings or emotions at bay, especially the ‘unwanted’ ones that create discomfort for our loved ones or are judged by society as inappropriate.

The solution generally seems to come in the form of prescribed medication to make us feel better! Yet these drugs, the first and often only line of help to support those of us who have lost access to our natural joy and passion for life, actually further suppress the body’s natural ‘happiness’ endorphins. Drugs are not emotionally intelligent and have no discernment between emotions; they simply act to suppress all our emotions and keep us in a state of grey fogginess and depressed state.

Psycho-neuro Immunology research has produced compelling evidence that our thought patterns directly and instantaneously affect our entire body chemistry, and can suppress our immune system. We all ‘know’ that angry people get more heart attacks, that stressed-out people get ulcers, and some evidence even links grief, fear or resentment to cancer.

Over the years, The Journey, a self-healing method pioneered by International best- selling author and renowned cellular healing seminar teacher, Brandon Bays has given hope through the practical and down-to- earth Journey tools. The Journey Method is particularly successful in dealing with the root cause of depression and shut down and has given a newfound joy to thousands across the globe. By lifting the blanket of depression, opening into our emotions – the gateway to the soul, we can begin to live life fully, passionately, joyously and in vibrant health.

After healing in just six weeks from a tumour the size of a basket ball without drugs or surgery, Brandon Bays developed The Journey, a method for self healing that is used daily by people around the world from all walks of life!

So it worked for Brandon, but can it work for the rest of us?  Yes it can!

Kevin Billet is the creator of ‘Out Of The Blue – Freedom from the real causes of Depression’, CEO at Conscious Company Ltd, and CEO, co-founder and Director of Journey Seminars Ltd.  This course is a culmination of his direct experience of personally overcoming depression as well as realizations from helping countless others in his powerful Leadership Program and other advanced courses within The Journey curriculum. Kevin is a masterful teacher, with great insights to the human psyche and has filled Out of the Blue with extremely effective process work that will undo and clear longstanding patterns of ill-health and emotional shut-downs and depression. He is greatly loved and respected by students from around the world.

Victoria’s experience of depression:

Depression plagued me all my life.  I look back and realize just how much of life I missed because of it….how much I did not do…how many doors I was too scared to walk thru.  I threw away chances for relationships, love, success and fulfillment.  

Most of the time I lived in denial, until I was overwhelmed with emotion and could no longer cope.  Then I would find ways to ‘numb’ out, usually quite unhealthy ones!

The thing is that you can’t ‘numb’ selectively.  So I not only numbed to sadness, grief, fear and oh so much anger (which everyone saw but me as it burst out at them in all directions)… I also numbed to love, joy, passion.

A few times in my life, I was ‘diagnosed’ with depression and unsuccessfully tried various medications in hopes that a pill would work.  I rebelled against the ‘label’ of mental illness and hid my unhappiness and fear behind a façade that became a cloak of inauthenticity that I judged myself for.  I lived a life of insecurity…feeling unlovable, a failure and undeserving.  

I knew there was a way to have freedom from the behaviors that were keeping me stuck in a repeat pattern and I spent a lifetime searching.  Then I found the tools of the Journey and my life changed.  I learned to feel emotions instead of avoid them.  I realized I had to stop blaming others and the world for who I was and instead to shine the light ‘inside’ to see the truth.  I proverbially ‘pulled myself up by my bootstraps’ and started living my life instead of avoiding it!

I live a different life now.  One filled with fulfillment, gratitude and tremendous purpose!  I have energy to live.  And life in my heart.  I recognize the importance of self awareness and live a life of ‘choice’.  Life is good and I want to share it!

Out of the Blue is a powerful and freeing 3 day workshop for everyone who lacks true joy, passion and fulfillment in life.  It is for those whose life seems dull, grey, empty and on autopilot… when anxiety rules life and natural instincts are shut down.  Or when the only feelings available are negative ones.

The course is filled with powerful and liberating process work enabling you to get to the root cause of shut-downs, emotional suppression, ongoing negative emotions and depression.  You will experience clearing the actual consciousness that has put these patterns into place.  With this shift you will be able to positively impact your world and step into a life of passion, fulfillment and a full life experience!!

It offers a simple methodology to get truthfully naked to yourself and to heal.  I look forward to sharing these massively life changing skills with you…to be in the company of others wanting to live life to it’s fullest.

Short bio:

Victoria Lichtman has been in the healing industry for more than 30 years, with a focus on healing and emotional wellness. Her passion for empowering people to choose self-awareness and purpose is unbounded. After facing depression for most of her life, she now works with individuals and groups… specializing in Compassion and Compassion Fatigue, Healing Ourselves, Forgiveness, Depression and The Importance and Gift of Emotions.

She is the founder of Nightly Healing, a global, on-line community that is dedicated to providing empowerment, inspiration and tools for healing. She is a certified Life Coach, an Accredited Senior Journey Practitioner, Conscious Leadership Coach and international speaker and presenter.