Out of the Blue

A 3 day experiential Workshop
using a proven methodology that has helped over a million around the world.

Upcoming event:

in Delray Beach, Florida, USA
April 17 – 19, 2015
Facilitated by Victoria Lichtman
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Join us for this 3 day experiential Journey workshop.  
for everyone who lacks true joy, passion and fulfillment in life.

If you recognize any of these signs:

  • Your life seems dull, grey, empty and on autopilot
  • Anxiety and stress rule your life and your natural instincts are shut down
  • Your relationships and health are at stake
  • You have already been diagnosed with depression/anxiety or are on antidepressant medication

There is a way out!
This workshop is for you

“Victoria’s heartfelt presentations are impactful and genuinely transformative. Her authenticity, emotional exposure and wicked sense of humor make her topics come alive in an engaging and enjoyable way. Her insights are profound and wise, her approach radically healing yet completely practical. Victoria is a woman who has some of our planet’s most deeply life-changing tools in her tool kit; and she uses them on herself, she truly walks her talk. She is a fantastic presenter of the depression freeing, Out of the Blue work, and I am thrilled that she is offering these workshops. You will love working with her!”

Kevin Billet, creator of ‘Out Of The Blue – Freedom from the real causes of Depression’, CEO at Conscious Company Ltd, and CEO, co-founder and Director of Journey Seminars Ltd.

During this workshop Victoria will teach you all that has worked for her and you will:

  • Experience powerful and liberating process work enabling you to get to the root cause of shut-downs, anxiety, stress, sadness and depression
  • Break destructive emotional and behavioral patterns
  • Release and clear the old consciousness and set yourself free from any limitations

           Let yourself be guided to open to the energy, passion
                                         and true joy of life

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