These online workshops are a way to ‘jump start’ on your inner journey….or stop and go deeper in what you already know.  They sessions are all experiential and interactive, each offering visualizations, introspection and the tools to step ever deeper, together, into your wisdom and potential.

There is something very special about a group that meets in consciousness to increase awareness of ourselves and our lives.

I welcome you to join me in these workshops…

  • To be in a great, empowering energy
  • To learn tools that help create self-awareness and self-actualization
  • To let go of old beliefs and perceptions
  • To relax and experience stillness, peace and inner quiet
  • Because you are a healer… and need to keep yourself healed
  • Because you are a caregiver… and want to stay centered and remember to care for yourself
  • To share this beautiful path…this ongoing journey…together


Coming Soon:

The Gift of Emotions – a 1 part, 2 hour journey into what, how and why we feel….and how to do it in a healthy way. (a stand alone and prerequisite course)

Healing Ourselves:  Body, Emotions and Spirit – a 3 Part Series To Live Life More Vibrantly with Emotional Wellness & Self-Awareness. (This course builds on the prerequisite course, ‘The Gift of Emotions’.)

Heal yourself… We hear that all the time. Yet how do we do it?
… How do we come to that place of emotional balance and resiliency needed to live life consciously?
… How do we cultivate the self-awareness to be able to live in authenticity with self and in alignment with our values?

This 2 part series will empower you, no matter what is happening in your life, to be at choice to life from a place of love…with peace, fulfillment and joy.

Forgiveness:  A Conscious Choice – a 3 part series on understanding and coming to a place of Forgiveness in your life…a place to move forward with clarity and joy…a place of finally letting go.

Breaking the Cycle of Compassion Fatigue:  a 1 part, 2 hour workshop for caregivers and their special needs.